> What makes you think the Barracuda 7200.14 drives report 4k sectors?


Nigel stated this here a few days ago. I did not check for myself. Maybe Nigel 
can comment on this?

As for the question "why do you want 4k drives": My thinking

- I will buy 4-6 disks now.
- I must assume that during the next 3-4 years one of them might fail
- Will I be able to buy a replacement in 3-3 years that reports the disk in 
such a way, that resilvering will work? According to the "Advanced Format" 
threat this seems to be a problem. I was hopimg to get arond this with these 
disks and have a more future proof solution

- If I buy new disks and a new JBOD etc. I might as well get a performant 
solution. In other threats ashift 9 vs 12 is presented as a problem. 
- Disk alignment: I am currently using whole disks AFAIK. But I do not 
remember. Did I use slicing etc? Is my alignment correct (btw. How do check?) 
So I thought: If I start over with a new pool O might get ot right and this 
seemed easier with those disks...

Might be totally wrong withmmy assumptions and if so: Hey that's the reason for 
asking you, knowing I am not the expert myself. :-)

Kind regards,

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