This depends upon what you want to do. I've used G6 and G7 ProLiants
extensively in ZFS deployments (Nexenta, mostly). I'm assuming you'd be
using an external JBOD enclosure?

All works well. I disable the onboard Smart Array P410 RAID controller and
replace it with an LSI SAS HBA. If using internal disks, I'll use the
9211-8i. If external, the 9205-8e. Or sometimes, both.

I think the DL380 G7 is a better choice for PCIe flexibility, though. The
DL360 is pretty limited in expansion space.

Edmund White

On 7/2/12 4:29 PM, "Anh Quach" <> wrote:

>Has anyone out there been able to qualify the Proliant DL360 G7 for your
>Solaris/OI/Nexenta environments? Any pros/cons/gotchas (vs. previous
>generation HP servers) would be greatly appreciated.
>Thanks in advance!
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