On Jul 2, 2012, at 2:40 PM, Edmund White wrote:

> This depends upon what you want to do. I've used G6 and G7 ProLiants
> extensively in ZFS deployments (Nexenta, mostly). I'm assuming you'd be
> using an external JBOD enclosure?

When I was at Nexenta, we qualed the DL380 G7, D2600, and D2700.
These are some of the better boxes on the market.

> All works well. I disable the onboard Smart Array P410 RAID controller and
> replace it with an LSI SAS HBA. If using internal disks, I'll use the
> 9211-8i. If external, the 9205-8e. Or sometimes, both.

FYI, HP also sells an 8-port IT-style HBA (SC-08Ge), but it is hard to locate 
with their configurators. There might be a more modern equivalent cleverly
hidden somewhere difficult to find.
 -- richard

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