> On Jul 2, 2012, at 7:57 PM, Richard Elling wrote:

> FYI, HP also sells an 8-port IT-style HBA (SC-08Ge), but it is hard to locate 
> with their configurators. There might be a more modern equivalent cleverly
> hidden somewhere difficult to find.
>  -- richard


Do you know if the HBAs in HP controllers be swapped out with any well 
characterized (by nexenta) HBAs like the 9211-8e or do they require a specific 
'controller HBA' like the SC-08Ge?  IE, does it void the warranty if you open 
the controller and stick a third party card in there?  Did you ever try to 
'bypass' the controllers at all and just plug into an expander?  I prefer HP 
hardware also but the controller is getting in the way.

Ill be asking HP the same questions in the next few weeks with any luck but 
opinion and experiences are on another level compared to HPs pre-sales 
department... not that theyre bad but in this realm youre the man :)


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