On 07/25/2012 05:49 PM, Habony, Zsolt wrote:
> Hello,
>       There is a feature of zfs (autoexpand, or zpool online -e ) that it can 
> consume the increased LUN immediately and increase the zpool size.
> That would be a very useful ( vital ) feature in enterprise environment.
> Though when I tried to use it, it did not work.  LUN expanded and visible in 
> format, but zpool did not increase.
> I found a bug SUNBUG:6430818 (Solaris Does Not Automatically Handle an 
> Increase in LUN Size) 
> Bad luck. 
> Patch exists: 148098 but _not_ part of recommended patch set.  Thus my fresh 
> install Sol 10 U9 with latest patch set still has the problem.  ( Strange 
> that this problem 
>  is not considered high impact ... )
> It mentiones a workaround :   zpool export, "Re-label the LUN using 
> format(1m) command.", zpool import
> Can you pls. help in that, what does that re-label mean ?  
> (As I need to ask downtime for the zone now ... , would like to prepare for 
> what I need to do )
> I used format utility in thousands of times, for organizing partitions, 
> though I have no idea how I would "relabel" a disk.
> Also I did not use format to label the disks, I gave the LUN to zpool 
> directly, I would not dare to touch or resize any partition with format 
> utility, not knowing what zpool wants to see there.
> Have you experienced such problem, and do you know how to increase zpool 
> after a LUN increase ?

"Relabel" means simply running the labeling command in the format
utility after you've made changes to the slices. As long as you keep the
start cluster of a slice the same and don't shrink it, nothing bad
should happen.

Are you doing this on a root pool?

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