There is bug what I mentioned:  SUNBUG:6430818  Solaris Does Not Automatically 
Handle an Increase in LUN Size
Patch for that is: 148098-03

Its readme says:
Synopsis: Obsoleted by: 147440-15 SunOS 5.10: scsi patch

Looking at current version 147440-21, there is reference for the incorporated 
patch, and for the bug id as well.

(from 148098-03)
6228435 undecoded command in var/adm/messages - Error for Command: undecoded 
cmd 0x5a
6241086 format should allow label adjustment when disk/LUN size changes
6430818 Solaris needs mechanism of dynamically increasing LUN size

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>imho, the 147440-21 does not list the bugs that solved by 148098- even through 
>it obsoletes the 148098

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