I have run "zpool online -e" only.
I have not set autoexpand property, (as it is not set by default.)

(My understanding was that a controlled way of expansion is "zpool online -e", 
where you decide when to increase actually, 
and a "non-controlled" fully automatic way was setting autoexpand on.)

I have no detailed description of the bug, as I have no access to internal bug 
database, though it looked like LUN size change is visible for Solaris, (format 
indeed showed a bigger size for me ), but vtoc,  and partition sizes remain the 
old small sizes.  And I would have had to resize partitions manually.


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Subject: Re: [zfs-discuss] online increase of zfs after LUN increase ?


If the S10 patch is installed on this system...

Can you remind us if you ran the zpool online -e command after the
LUN is expanded and the autoexpand propery is set?

I hear that some storage that doesn't generate the correct codes
in response to a LUN expansion so you might need to run this command
even if autoexpand is set.


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