Arne Jansen <> wrote:

> On 19.10.2012 12:17, Joerg Schilling wrote:
> > Arne Jansen <> wrote:
> > 
> >>> Is this an attempt to create a competition for TAR?
> >>
> >> Not really. We'd have preferred tar if it would have been powerful enough.
> >> It's more an alternative to rsync for incremental updates. I really
> >> like the send/receive feature and want to make it available for cross-
> >> platform syncs.
> > 
> > TAR with the star extensions that are also implemented by many other recent 
> > TAR 
> > programs should do, what are you missing?
> As said I've not done the research myself, but operations that come to mind
> include
>  - partial updates of files

How do you intend to detect this _after_ the original file was updated?

>  - sparse files

supported in an efficient way by star

>  - punch hole

As this is a specific case of a sparse file, it could be added

>  - truncate

see above

>  - rename

part of the incremental restore architecture from star, but needs a restore 
symbol table on the receiving system

>  - referencing parts of other files as the data to write (reflinks)

There is no user space  interface to detect this, why do you need it?

>  - create snapshot

star supports incrementals. or do you mean that a snapshot should be set up on 
the reeiving site?

> Do star support these operation? Are they part of any standard?
> Also, are chmod/chown/set atime/mtime possible on existing files?

star allows to call:

        star -x -xmeta

to _only_ extract meta data from a normal tar archive and it allows to create a 
specific meta data only archve via star -c -meta


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