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the VM running "a ZFS OS" enjoys PCI-pass-through, so it gets dedicated
hardware access to the HBA(s) and harddisks at raw speeds, with no
extra layers of lags in between.
Ah.  But even with PCI pass-thru, you're still limited by the virtual LAN switch 
that connects ESXi to the ZFS guest via NFS.  When I connected ESXi and a guest 
this way, obviously your bandwidth between the host&  guest is purely CPU and 
memory limited.  Because you're not using a real network interface; you're just 
emulating the LAN internally.  I streamed data as fast as I could between ESXi and 
a guest, and found only about 2-3 Gbit.  That was over a year ago so I forget 
precisely how I measured it ... NFS read/write perhaps, or wget or something.  I 
know I didn't use ssh or scp, because those tend to slow down network streams quite 
a bit.  The virtual network is a bottleneck (unless you're only using 2 disks, in 
which case 2-3 Gbit is fine.)
Also, supposedly vmxnet3 interfaces implement a 10gig nic. I haven't tried that recently due to bugginess in the solaris driver...
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