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Well, I think I give up for now.  I spent quite a few hours over the last
couple of days trying to get gnome desktop working on bare-metal OI,
followed by virtualbox.
I would recommend installing OI desktop, not OI server.  Because I too, tried 
to get gnome working in OI server, to no avail.  But if you install OI desktop, 
it simply goes in, brainlessly, simple.
Ned, sorry if I was unclear. This was a fresh desktop install. I tried to back-fit GUI to my old server install but it didn't work well...
Found quite a few posts on
forums of people complaining that RDP with external auth doesn't work (or
not reliably),
Actually, it does work, and it works reliably, but the setup is very much not 
straightforward.  I'm likely to follow up on this later today, because as 
coincidence would have it, this is on my to-do for today.

Right now, I'll say this much:  When you RDP from a windows machine to a windows 
machine, you get prompted for password.  Nice, right?  Seems pretty obvious.   ;-)  
 But the VirtualBox RDP server doesn't have that capability.   Pfffft...  You need 
to enter the username&  password into the RDP client, and save it, before 
attempting the connection.
Oh, okay.  Yuck...
The final straw was when I
rebooted the OI server as part of cleaning things up, and... It hung.
Bummer.  That might be some unsupported hardware for running OI.
But it worked! I did the install on the bare metal, it worked fine. Did some updates and rebooted, and that worked fine. Installed virtualbox and some other stuff, and when I rebooted to get a clean baseline to work from, that is when it hung.
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