Le 24 nov. 2012 à 03:51, Erik Trimble a écrit :
>> This is what we decided to do at work, and this is the reason why.
>> But we didn't buy the appliance-branded boxes; we just bought normal servers 
>> running solaris.
> I gave up and am now buying HP-branded hardware for running Solaris on it. 
> Particularly if you get off-lease used hardware (for which, HP is still very 
> happy to let you buy a HW support contract), it's cheap, and HP has a lot of 
> Solaris drivers for their branded stuff. Their whole SmartArray line of 
> adapters has much better Solaris driver coverage than the generic stuff or 
> the equivalent IBM or Dell items.
> For instance, I just got a couple of DL380 G5 systems with dual Harpertown 
> CPUs, fully loaded with 8 2.5" SAS drives and 32GB of RAM, for about $800 
> total.  You can attach their MSA30/50/70-series (or DS2700-series, if you 
> want new) as dumb JBODs via SAS, and the nice SmartArray controllers have 1GB 
> of NVRAM, which is sufficient for many purposes, so you don't even have cough 
> up the dough for a nice ZIL SSD.
> HP even made a sweet little "appliance" thing that was designed for Windows, 
> but happens to run Solaris really, really well.  The DL320s  (the "s" is part 
> of the model designation).   14x 3.5" SAS/SATA hot swap bays, a Xeon 3070 
> dual-core CPU, SmartArray controller, 2 x GB Nic, LOM, and a free 1x PCI-E 
> expansion slot. The only drawback is that it only takes up to 8GB of RAM.   
> It makes a *fabulous* little backup system for logs and stuff, and it's under 
> about $2000 even after you splurge for 1TB drives and an SSD for the thing.
> I am in the market for something newer than that, though. Anyone know what 
> HP's using as a replacement for the DL320s?

I switched few month ago from Sun X45x0 to HP things : My fast NAS are now DL 
180 G6. I got better perfs using LSI 9240-8I rather than HP SmartArray (tried 
P410 & P812). I'm using only 600Gb SSD drives.

In one of the servers I replaced the 25-disks bays by 3 8-disks bays, allowing 
me to connect 3 LSI 9240-8I rather than only one. This NAS achieved 
4.4GBytes/sec reading and 4.1GBytes/Sec writing with 480000 io/s, running 
Solaris 11. Using raidz-2, perfs dropped to 3.1 / 3.0 GB/sec

For mass storage, I'm still using my olds X4500 and X4540 with 2TB drives and 
few SSDs. Lot of problems with Seagate 2TB drives in X4540 / None in the X4500. 
 Have no replacement yet (I'll soon try some super-micro hardware).

Grégory Giannoni

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