>> [...]
>> The results were the same with 10 or 25 drives, so I suspected either the
>> PCI bus, either the expander in the 25-drives bay (HP 530946-001).
>> Plugging the disks directly to the LSI card allowed to gain few MB/s :
>> the expander was limiting a bit, but moreover, it disallowed to use more
>> than 1 disk controller !
>> [...]
> That's correct that you've run into the limitation of the expander on the
> 25-disk drive backplane. However, I'm curious about the 8-drive cage you
> mention. I use that cage in the ML/DL370 G6 servers. I didn't think it
> would fit into a DL180 G6. How is this arranged in your unit? What does
> the resulting setup look like? Sine the DL180 drive cages are part of the
> bezel, do you just have three loose cages connected to the controllers?

It was not as easy that "just unplug the 25-drives bay and plus 3 8 
drives-bays".. Few rivets to drill, backplane alimentation cable to trick (the 
pins and wires colors are not the same !), minimolex <-> molex cable the drives 
alimentation, and some screw to fix the cages. The result is really clean. Here 
are few pictures :


> Also, with three controllers, didn't you max the number of available PCIe
> slots? 

4 slots are available on the DL180 : 3 were used for the LSI controllers, and 
one for a nic.

> Anyway, the new HP SL4540 server is the next product worth testing in this
> realmŠ 60 x LFF disks.
> http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/14406_na/14406_na.html

I might be a very good alternative for the X4540... But I wonder how many 
controllers are connected, and what are their perfs.

Grégory Giannoni
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