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       I am looking at the performance numbers for the Oracle VDI admin guide.


       From my calculations for 200 desktops running Windows 7 knowledge user
       (15 iops) with a 30-70 read/write split it comes to 5100 iops. Using
       7200 rpm disks the requirement will be 68 disks.

       This doesn't seem right, because if you are using clones with caching,
       you should be able to easily satisfy your reads from ARC and L2ARC.  As
       well, Oracle VDI by default caches writes; therefore the writes will be
       coalesced and there will be no ZIL activity.

Yes, I would like to stick with HDDs.

I am just not quite sure what quite a few desktops mean.
I thought for sure there would be lots of people around that have done small
deployments using a standard ZFS deployment.

Even a single modern SSD should be able to provide hundreds of
gigabytes of fast L2ARC to your system, and can scale as your userbase
grows for a relatively small initial investment.  This is actually
about the perfect use case for an L2ARC on SSD.

Eric D. Mudama

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