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All of these IOPS <--> VDI users guidelines are wrong. The problem is that the variability of response time is too great for a HDD. The only hope we have of getting the back-of-the-napkin calculations to work is to reduce the variability by using a device that is more consistent in its
response (eg SSDs).

For sure there is going to be a lot of variability, but it seems we aren't even close.

Have you seen any back-of-the-napkin calculations which take into consideration SSDs for cache usage?

Yes. I've written a white paper on the subject, somewhere on the nexenta.com <http://nexenta.com> website (if it is still available).
But more current info is presentation at ZFSday.

Great presentation Richard.

Our system is designed to provide hands-on labs for education. We use a saved state file for our VMs which eliminate the need for cold boot/login and shutdown issues. This reduces the need for random IO. As well, in this scenario we don't need to worry about software updates or AV scans, because the labs are completely sandboxed. We need to use HDDs because you have a large amount of labs which can be stored for an extended period.

I have been asked to adapt the platform to deliver a VDI solution so I need to make a few more tweaks.



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