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PERC H200 are well behaved cards that are easy to reflash and work well (even in JBOD mode) on Illumos - they are essentially a LSI SAS 9211. If you can get them, they're one heck of a reliable beast, and cheap too!

That method that was linked seemed very specific to Dell servers;
from my experience with reflashing various LSI cards, can't I just USB
boot to a FreeDOS environment in any system, and then run
sasflash/sas2flsh with the appropriate IT-mode firmware?

It is indeed very specific to Dell cards and I've actually tried to use the generic instructions for the M1015 and it failed because it the card didn't match the firmware version.

The normal method with an M1015 is wipe raid firmware with the megarec (Megaraid recovery tool), reboot and flash on IT firmware.

The Dell method is more involved but it's the only why that I've managed to got a Dell H200 cross flashed.

Seems like the M1015 has spiked in price again on eBay (US) whilst
the H200 is still under $100.

Tim Fletcher
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