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Hello *Sašo*!

I found you here:

“How about reflashing LSI firmware to the card? I read on Dell's spec

sheets that the card runs an LSISAS2008 chip, so chances are that

standard LSI firmware will work on it. I can send you all the required

bits to do the reflash, if you like.”

I got Dell Perc H310 controller for do-it-yourself experiments, I tried
to run it on non-Dell PC platforms like Asus P5Q and Foxconn G31MX.
Without success.

I will appreciate very much any hint how to get LSI firmware and reflash
Dell H310.

I've successfully crossflashed Dell H200 cards with this method


PERC H200 are well behaved cards that are easy to reflash and work well
(even in JBOD mode) on Illumos - they are essentially a LSI SAS 9211. If
you can get them, they're one heck of a reliable beast, and cheap too!

The modular version of the card is often cheaper and takes 2 minutes with a torx driver to take off the black plastic L.

I've bought one of these before and it worked well: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/170888398081

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