>From: Richard Elling
>Sent: 21 January 2013 03:51

>VAAI has 4 features, 3 of which have been in illumos for a long time. The
>feature (SCSI UNMAP) was done by Nexenta and exists in their NexentaStor
>but the CEO made a conscious (and unpopular) decision to keep that code
from the 
>community. Over the summer, another developer picked up the work in the
>but I've lost track of the progress and haven't seen an RTI yet.

That is one thing that always bothered me... so it is ok for others, like
Nexenta, to keep stuff closed and not in open, while if Oracle does it they
are bad?

Isn't it at least a little bit being hypocritical? (bashing Oracle and doing
sort of the same)

Robert Milkowski

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