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>> From: Richard Elling
>> Sent: 21 January 2013 03:51
>> VAAI has 4 features, 3 of which have been in illumos for a long time. The
> remaining
>> feature (SCSI UNMAP) was done by Nexenta and exists in their NexentaStor
> product, 
>> but the CEO made a conscious (and unpopular) decision to keep that code
> from the 
>> community. Over the summer, another developer picked up the work in the
> community, 
>> but I've lost track of the progress and haven't seen an RTI yet.
> That is one thing that always bothered me... so it is ok for others, like
> Nexenta, to keep stuff closed and not in open, while if Oracle does it they
> are bad?

Nexenta is just as bad. For the record, the illumos-community folks who worked 
Nexenta at the time were overruled by executive management. Some of those folks
are now executive management elsewhere :-)

> Isn't it at least a little bit being hypocritical? (bashing Oracle and doing
> sort of the same)

No, not at all.
 -- richard



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