On Sun, Jan 20, 2013 at 07:51:15PM -0800, Richard Elling wrote:
>      2. VAAI support.
>    VAAI has 4 features, 3 of which have been in illumos for a long time. The
>    remaining
>    feature (SCSI UNMAP) was done by Nexenta and exists in their NexentaStor
>    product,
>    but the CEO made a conscious (and unpopular) decision to keep that code
>    from the
>    community. Over the summer, another developer picked up the work in the
>    community,
>    but I've lost track of the progress and haven't seen an RTI yet.

I assume SCSI UNMAP is implemented in Comstar in NexentaStor? 
Isn't Comstar CDDL licensed? 

There's also this:

.. which says UNMAP support was added to Illumos Comstar 2 years ago.

-- Pasi

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