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That would be the logical decision, yes.  Not to poke fun, but did you really
expect an official response after YEARS of nothing from Oracle?  This is the
same company that refused to release any Java patches until the DHS issued
a national warning suggesting that everyone uninstall Java.

Well, yes. We do have oracle employees who contribute to this mailing list. It is not accurate or fair to stereotype the whole company. Oracle by itself is as large as some cities or countries.

Yes, these remaining employees do so because they still can. Except for those employees brave enough to post to Illumos/OpenIndiana lists (there are some), there will be no more avenues remaining for unmoderated two-way communication with the outside world. There have been some cases where people said unfavorable things about Oracle on this list. Oracle needs to control its message and the principle form of communication will be via private support calls authorized by service contracts and authorized corporate publications.

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