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> > From: Tim Cook [mailto:t...@cook.ms]
> >
> > That would be the logical decision, yes.  Not to poke fun, but did you
> really
> > expect an official response after YEARS of nothing from Oracle?  This is
> the
> > same company that refused to release any Java patches until the DHS
> issued
> > a national warning suggesting that everyone uninstall Java.
> Well, yes.  We do have oracle employees who contribute to this mailing
> list.  It is not accurate or fair to stereotype the whole company.  Oracle
> by itself is as large as some cities or countries.
> I can understand a company policy of secrecy about development direction
> and stuff like that.  I would think somebody would be able to officially
> confirm or deny that this mailing list is going to stop.  At least one of
> their system administrators lurks here...

We've got Oracle employees on the mailing list, that while helpful, in no
way have the authority to speak for company policy.  They've made that
clear on numerous occasions   And that doesn't change the fact that we
literally have heard NOTHING from Oracle since the closing of OpensSolaris.
 0 official statements, so I once gain ask: what do you think you were
going to get in response to your questions?

The reason you hear nothing from them on anything official is because it's
a good way to lose your job.

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