On 02/16/2013 06:44 PM, Tim Cook wrote:
> We've got Oracle employees on the mailing list, that while helpful, in no
> way have the authority to speak for company policy.  They've made that
> clear on numerous occasions   And that doesn't change the fact that we
> literally have heard NOTHING from Oracle since the closing of OpensSolaris.
>  0 official statements, so I once gain ask: what do you think you were
> going to get in response to your questions?
> The reason you hear nothing from them on anything official is because it's
> a good way to lose your job.

People, let's get down to brass tax here. Either:

1) You will continue to get zfs-discuss@opensolaris.org e-mail after
   March 24th and can carry on as before, or
2) You won't, in which case we welcome everybody at

It's really that simple.

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