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>> I have a few coworkers using it.  No horror stories and it's been in use 
>> about 6
>> months now.  If there were any showstoppers I'm sure I'd have heard loud
>> complaints by now :)
> So, I have discovered a *couple* of unexpected problems.
> At first, I thought it would be nice to split my HD into 2 partitions, use 
> the 2nd partition for zpool, and use vmdk wrapper around a zvol raw device.  
> So I started partitioning my HD.  As it turns out, there's a bug in 
> diskutility...  As long as you partition your hard drive and *format* the 
> second partition with hfs+, then it works very smoothly. But then I couldn't 
> find any way to dismount the second partition (there is no eject)

        When I have run into this (Mac OS X 10.6) I fall back to the command 
line... umount has worked just fine for me. NOTE: I was not doing what you are 
trying, I had an odd device mounted and I wanted to un mount it.

        I often find that going to the command line on Mac OS X is very 
helpful, but since the GUI really is very well done for most (but certainly not 
all) tasks, I usually don't remember to go to the command line until after I 
have been beating my head against the GUI for too long :-( 

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