On 2013-02-20 23:49, Markus Grundmann wrote:
add an pool / filesystem property as an additional security layer for

Whenever I modify zfs pools or filesystems it's possible to destroy [on
a bad day :-)] my data. A new
property "protected=on|off" in the pool and/or filesystem can help the
administrator for datalost
(e.g. "zpool destroy tank" or "zfs destroy <tank/filesystem>" command
will be rejected
when "protected=on" property is set).

Hello all,

  I don't want to really hijack this thread, but this request seems
like a nice complement to one I voiced a few times and recently posted
into the bugtracker lest it be forgotten:

Feature #3568: Add a ZFS dataset attribute to disallow creation of
snapshots, ever: https://www.illumos.org/issues/3568

  It is somewhat of an opposite desire - to not allow creation of
datasets (snapshots) rather than forbid their destruction as requested
here, but to a similar effect: to not let some scripted or thoughtless
manual jobs abuse the storage by wasting space in some datasets in the
form of snapshot creation.


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