Good morning all.

My home NAS died over the weekend, and it leaves me with a lot of spare
drives (5 2Tb and 3 1Tb disks). I have a Dell Poweredge 2900 Server sitting
in the house, which has not been doing much over the last while (bought it
a few years back with the intent of using it as a storage box, since it has
8 Hot Swap drive bays) and i am now looking at building the NAS using ZFS...

But, now i am confused as to what OS to use... OpenIndiana? Nexenta?

I need something that will allow me to share files over SMB (3 if
possible), NFS, AFP (for Time Machine) and iSCSI. Ideally, i would like
something i can manage "easily" and something that works with the Dell...

Any recommendations? Any comparisons to each?


Tiernan O'Toole
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