Thanks all! I will check out FreeNAS and see what it can do... I will also
check my RAID Card and see if it can work with JBOD... fingers crossed...
The machine has a couple internal SATA ports (think there are 2, could be
4) so i was thinking of using those for boot disks and SSDs later...

As a follow up question: Data Deduplication: The machine, to start, will
have about 5Gb  RAM. I read somewhere that 20TB storage would require about
8GB RAM, depending on block size... Since i dont know block sizes, yet (i
store a mix of VMs, TV Shows, Movies and backups on the NAS) I am not sure
how much memory i will need (my estimate is 10TB RAW (8TB usable?) in a
ZRAID1 pool, and then 3TB RAW in a striped pool). If i dont have enough
memory now, can i enable DeDupe at a later stage when i add memory? Also,
if i pick FreeBSD now, and want to move to, say, Nexenta, is that possible?
Assuming the drives are just JBOD drives (to be confirmed) could they just
get imported?


On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 6:11 PM, Tim Cook <> wrote:

> On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 7:57 AM, Volker A. Brandt <> wrote:
>> Tim Cook writes:
>> > > I need something that will allow me to share files over SMB (3 if
>> > > possible), NFS, AFP (for Time Machine) and iSCSI. Ideally, i would
>> > > like something i can manage "easily" and something that works with
>> > > the Dell...
>> >
>> > All of them should provide the basic functionality you're looking
>> > for.
>> >  None of them will provide SMB3 (at all) or AFP (without a third
>> > party package).
>> FreeNAS has AFP built-in, including a Time Machine discovery method.
>> The latest FreeNAS is still based on Samba 3.x, but they are aware
>> of 4.x and will probably integrate it at some point in the future.
>> Then you should have SMB3.  I don't know how far along they are...
>> Best regards -- Volker
> FreeNAS comes with a package pre-installed to add AFP support.  There is
> no native AFP support in FreeBSD and by association FreeNAS.
> --Tim

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