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> Tim Cook writes:
> > > I need something that will allow me to share files over SMB (3 if
> > > possible), NFS, AFP (for Time Machine) and iSCSI. Ideally, i would
> > > like something i can manage "easily" and something that works with
> > > the Dell...
> >
> > All of them should provide the basic functionality you're looking
> > for.
> >  None of them will provide SMB3 (at all) or AFP (without a third
> > party package).
> FreeNAS has AFP built-in, including a Time Machine discovery method.
> The latest FreeNAS is still based on Samba 3.x, but they are aware
> of 4.x and will probably integrate it at some point in the future.
> Then you should have SMB3.  I don't know how far along they are...
> Best regards -- Volker

FreeNAS comes with a package pre-installed to add AFP support.  There is no
native AFP support in FreeBSD and by association FreeNAS.

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