On 02/26/2013 09:33 AM, Tiernan OToole wrote:
> As a follow up question: Data Deduplication: The machine, to start, will
> have about 5Gb  RAM. I read somewhere that 20TB storage would require about
> 8GB RAM, depending on block size...

The typical wisdom is that 1TB of dedup'ed data = 1GB of RAM. 5GB of RAM
seems too small for a 20TB pool of dedup'ed data.
Unless you know what you're doing, I'd go with just compression and let
dedup be - compression has known performance and doesn't suffer with

> If i dont have enough memory now, can i enable DeDupe at a later stage
> when i add memory?


> Also, if i pick FreeBSD now, and want to move to, say, Nexenta, is that
> possible? Assuming the drives are just JBOD drives (to be confirmed)
> could they just get imported?

Yes, that's the whole point of open storage.

I'd also recommend that you go and subscribe to z...@lists.illumos.org,
since this list is going to get shut down by Oracle next month.

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