Yes yes, I admit it.
It was kinda stupid to move to ZEVO.
It seemed more integrated and painless for someone like me, someone who 
just want it to be easy and have the most feature rich implementation.
I was hoping that ZEVO might be better when it comes to sharing and 
networking, I've had terrible speeds with macZFS in the past.

I want to move my hackintosh to Mavericks.
If I boot 10.9, install macZFS and create a pool with:

*sudo zpool create -O casesensitivity=insensitive -O normalization=formD -O 
ashift=12 POOLNAME mirror /dev/diskXsX /dev/diskXsX* you think I can mount that pool as read/writeable in 10.8/ZEVO to copy 
the data over?

Does anybody have any experience with this?

I have an extra machine on which I guess I can install any OS and try to 
import the ZEVO pool and send across network to the new 10.9/macZFS but I 
fear it will be a LOT more work and very slow transfer speeds.

Thanks in advance for any input.




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