By default, creating a zvol will reserve space equal to its volume size. You 
can avoid that by passing “-s” to the zfs create command; however, note that 
the amount of space left in the parent will not be passed through to whatever 
FS you create on the zvol, so bad things happen when the parent fills up to a 
point where it’s got less space left than the FS on the zvol thinks it has.

On Feb 21, 2014, at 3:01 PM, Robert Rehnmark <> wrote:

> Yes, this was very easy to get up and running.
> I have a couple of questions though.
> 1. Automount. The pool is not mounting automatically at boot but I would 
> really like it to. At login is kinda too late, it need to be mounted at boot.
> 2. Zvol's. If I create a zvol, will it take all that space in the pool 
> immediately?
> There is no way to resize it, right?
> I can't make it like a growing disk image?
> /Robert
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