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> You wrote: "Now as you commented correctly this results in a lot of
> whitespace below the H2. But there is also space below the H1 that is not
> in the wiki text."
> --> This is just the default space after headers. As you mention below,
> this can be easily handled using CSS.
> You wrote: "If I use CSS to remove the padding/margin between heading and
> paragraph it looks again same as the source text. But in that case the BR
> is crucial."
> --> I don't see why the BR is crucial in that case.

Well, for those that expect WYSIWYG behavior, this BR is crucial to achieve
the same result as in the wiki page.

> You wrote: "Compromise would be to make the newline handling an option you
> can control from the template. This could help to make "vanilla" HTML
> export look decent while templates with CSS can set the BR how they want
> it."
> --> It seems setting the height of the BR, and that doesn't seem to be
> easy:
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1409649/how-to-change-the-height-of-a-br

That is not what I meant. By making it a template option, you would allow
to choose in the template whether or not the BR are inserted at all.

Similar there can be an option to add BR at the end of line in a paragraph
or not.

This would be in the zim output code, so independent of what you can do
with CSS on top of that.

> I think the situation is that in Zim, being text based (and given that the
> text files should remain human readible), spaces between headers and text
> can only be created by adding empty lines. In HTML such spaces should not
> be done by adding breaks, but by using CSS. For this reason, the way empty
> lines are handled in revision 706 is the correction one I think and the
> changes should not be rolled back i.m.o.
> I am not sure if I understand the last option, but if that means the user
> has the option to determine how empty lines are handled by the export
> (being replaced by brakes or ignored), that would be a very nice feature.

Yep, that's what I meant :)

Sounds like there is need for both options.


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