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>I don't understand what
> technology has to do with political meddling and military adventurism. 
Grampa responds,
The analogy, I suppose, would be that of a rich uncle, who when he visits, leaves 
money and other goodies, but who is prone to belching and tooting and even interfering 
with the discipline of the kids.
     The question is whether we are better off with his visits or not. This depends on 
where we are on the socio-economic spectrum. If we are young, naive, and flat broke, 
his visits are to our benefit, regardless of how annoying they might be. As we age and 
become more sophisticated, his visits are less of a blessing and more of an annoyance. 
I believe that pre-colonial Africa needed all the help that could be given. And the 
point that not all Africans have received of the Colonial powers' largess seems 
irrelevant. Most are at least somewhat better off.

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