> Now, Marc. Don't blame that on foreigners. As I recall my African history
> and lore, they were pretty much messed up long before white man stepped
> in. Yes, the whites did cause problems, but they also brought stability
> and the ability to produce food.  

Can you demonstrate that Africans were living in chaos and starving before the white 
man came?  No.  Therefore, you cannot definitively say that Europeans brought 
stability and the ability to produce food.  Even if you could demonstrate it you'd 
have to agree that even with European influence there has been continuous instability 
and starvation amongst various African populations.  And don't forget the Belgian 
Congo.  That was the first major genocide in modern history (well, technically the New 
World atrocities were "modern world" but there were hardly reporters back then like 
there were at the time of the Belgian Congo).

Don't get me wrong.  I don't believe that if left to themselves the Africans would 
have been landing on the moon.  With or without Europeans things would be pretty bad.  
Europeans just helped them make it bad efficiently.

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