I understand the point of your analogy. What I am trying to point out is that your 
rich uncle *hasn't* left money and other goodies with anyone except for one kid, the 
block bully, who steals all the other kids' lunch money. African elites have been, by 
and large, co-opted by superpowers (or now, post-Cold War, the West), at the expense 
of the populace. My wife asked me yesterday (she's our ward's brand new GD teacher) to 
give an example of one of the prophecies of Isaiah which took Zion to task for 
downtrodden and oppressed poor, and I told of my first
visit to Lagos, Nigeria, where I was driven by Mercedes limo to my hotel, a western 
hotel near the airport, surrounded by a high wall and concertina wire. To get in you 
had to pass a guardpost manned by soldiers with machine guns. The next day the same 
limo brought me downtown to our agent's office. We were stopped at a red light when a 
woman came up to the car. She was dressed in nothing but a rag (and I don't use the 
term loosely) around hips so malnourished you could see the outline of internal organs 
in her abdomen. She was attempting to nurse a child.
She had lice crawling all over her body (or some insect that was large enough that I 
could see them through the tinted glass at several metres away) and was covered in 
sores. She was begging for money. The driver's response was to floor the accelerator, 
going through the red light (intimidating cross-traffic, as you can imagine) and on we 

This is a story, an anecdote. But it's meant to illustrate a principle, not prove it. 
I can't do that, I can only relate what I know from experience, as well as opinions 
formed from reading, etc.

Grampa Bill wrote:

> > > From: "Marc A. Schindler" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> >I don't understand what
> > technology has to do with political meddling and military adventurism.
> ===========================================
> Grampa responds,
> The analogy, I suppose, would be that of a rich uncle, who when he visits, leaves 
>money and other goodies, but who is prone to belching and tooting and even 
>interfering with the discipline of the kids.
>      The question is whether we are better off with his visits or not. This depends 
>on where we are on the socio-economic spectrum. If we are young, naive, and flat 
>broke, his visits are to our benefit, regardless of how annoying they might be. As we 
>age and become more sophisticated, his visits are less of a blessing and more of an 
>annoyance. I believe that pre-colonial Africa needed all the help that could be 
>given. And the point that not all Africans have received of the Colonial powers' 
>largess seems irrelevant. Most are at least somewhat better off.
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