Dan R Allen wrote:

> Dan R Allen wrote:
> > > The problem with getting the "real" Taliban side of the story, or the
> > > Palestinian side for that matter, is the severe limitations those
> regimes
> > > place on what is released to the world new services.
> >
> > Marc:
> > ???bin Laden regularly makes news release via video to a popular TV
> station
> > in
> > Qatar. Does the US have an Arabicist in Doha? Why not?
> >
> > Dan:
> > And this disproves what I said how?
> Marc:
> The world press *does* have access to what the Taliban gives it, through a
> TV
> station in Doha, Qatar. It only takes one counterexample to disprove a
> universal
> claim such as you made. The problem is that the US doesn't have Arabicists
> in its
> embassies in the Gulf (except possibly Riyadh) so Qatari TV doesn't get
> translated and given to the US press.
> Dan:
> I was talking about the 'man on the street' perspective - not the party
> line.

So was I. Al-Qazeer is a private network and is not owned nor controlled by any

> Stated another way, my point was that all we could really expect out of
> Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and the PA in Israel is the propaganda that the
> leadership's _wants_ us to have.
> We must have someone in Qatar that understands Arabic, since we did see the
> OBL tapes, with transcripts, fairly quickly after they were broadcast,

You saw them almost a week after they were broadcast, when someone at Fox was
given a copy. Actually it looks like you do have a pretty good and well-staffed
embassy in Qatar (http://www.usembassy.org.qa/) (better than our's but you're ten
times our size: http://www.canadians-in-qatar.com/ward/ward_1.htm -- our embassy
is actually in Kuwait City but the ambassador is accredited to Qatar)

> but
> again, my point was that getting news from _beyond_ the information
> minister just doesn't happen. I wonder why?

Looks like the stuff on the US embassy website is pretty good and up-to-date.
Maybe you should demand more of your network media.

Marc A. Schindler
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