Dan R Allen wrote:

> > The problem with getting the "real" Taliban side of the story, or the
> > Palestinian side for that matter, is the severe limitations those regimes
> > place on what is released to the world new services.
> Marc:
> ???bin Laden regularly makes news release via video to a popular TV station
> in
> Qatar. Does the US have an Arabicist in Doha? Why not?
> Dan:
> And this disproves what I said how?

The world press *does* have access to what the Taliban gives it, through a TV
station in Doha, Qatar. It only takes one counterexample to disprove a universal
claim such as you made. The problem is that the US doesn't have Arabicists in its
embassies in the Gulf (except possibly Riyadh) so Qatari TV doesn't get
translated and given to the US press.

> There are plenty of English language reporters that work in those countries
> - yet we seem to get very little information out except "death to America"
> type spiels. Some of it is undoubtedly filtering on our part, but there is
> also a lot of filtering on the part of the regimes in power there.

There are some pretty good reporters working there. But fwiw from the little
exposure I've had to Fox and the 3 main networks (I don't watch TV much, not even
Canadian TV), I haven't been impressed. If it can't be compressed into a
10-second sound bite it doesn't make the news. A woman beating her kid in a car
gets more coverage than important events ongoing as we speak, in Kashmir, events
which could cause a very serious war between Pakistan and India, countries with
well over a billion people between them.

I haven't watched CNN since I was travelling on business, and the last time I was
on a business trip to the US was to Silicon Valley 18 months ago. It seemed to me
that CNN had "dumbed down."

Marc A. Schindler
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