At 04:49 PM 9/26/02 -0700 Geoff Fowler favored us with:
>One Internet site to try is . It reports
>Caucasus and Afghanistan news items that definitely do not make it
>into the US / North American press. Note the article "Woman in
>Khost kills 2 Americans" - I wonder if it is true or if it will
>ever be noted in any US publication?
>I cannot, however, vouch for any reliability. It seems to have a
>pro-Muslim bias...

I'm sure that there is a Muslim bias somewhere.  Why doesn't it get
reported better in the USA press?  Perhaps our leaders and media don't want
us to know what the enemy is giving as its reason for hating our guts.  If
the concept of "know your enemy" is important at all, I would think we
would want to know why they are so mad at us even if the reasons are stupid
and false.

Curiously, no one is talking.  I smell propaganda.  I don't like
propaganda.  I makes me very insecure.

But how can you get to know your enemy if all you see is his propaganda?
The problem isn't that the English papers aren't willing to print what they
find there, the problem is that they are not allowed to report anything
that the regime doesn't want them to.

An interesting place to pick up on what's really happening in the Mideast
is Card's Ornery site. Several people over there seem to spend a lot of
time focusing there.

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