I don't think they are actually changing the words. What they are doing,
is putting a lot of textual information on the original Aramaic and
Greek, and discussing certain ideas within the NT from an LDS apologetics
point of view. This one won't be to replace your LDS scriptures. This one
will be for home use, where you can get a better understanding of what
each verse _really_ means. So, you get the KJV, and the scholarly

If you've hung out in any Christian bookstores, you'll find similar
books. My favorite amongst them has been the Scofield Bible, though it is
quite an older commentary. Marc, which versions do you prefer?

K'aya K'ama,
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Have you checked this project with the Brethren?  Lynn Anderson wrote a
simplified version of the Book of Mormon for children and poor readers,
and the Brethren nixed the idea.  She went ahead and published it anyway.
 It is pretty hard to change the words without changing the meaning
somewhat, and in matters of doctrine the tiniest alteration might have
long lasting ramifications.
John W. Redelfs    

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