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> Here in Alaska bunny boots and mukluks are not the same thing. During the
two years we lived in Kotzebue in the arctic, we learned the difference
between mukluks and bunny boots.  Mukluks are made from animal furs and are
the traditional dress of the Inupiat.  They keep your feet warm down to many
degrees below zero.  Bunny boots are a rubber and plastic monstrosity
created in a white man's factory, providing a perfect vapor barrier, and
keep the feet warm to an even lower temperature than mukluks.  People who
work outside in minus 25 to minus 50 degree temperatures for any length of
time need to wear bunny boots.  They are funny looking, but they are the
only thing that will keep the feet warm in some conditions.
Do you know of a store that will sell and ship overseas (like, say, to
Japan)?  I lost my good pair of boots to a septic tank accident and haven't
been able to find any since.

Bill Lewis AKA
Cousin Bill

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