John's explained it in another post. I had no idea they existed. Our military
wears a mukluk-sized boot  that comes to just below the knee, but if it has fur
or an airpocket lining I wouldn't know. It's just a big, padded-looking affair
that's white and isn't laced, but strapped.

"Elmer L. Fairbank" wrote:

> At 14:30 10/2/2002 -0600, M Marc wrote:
> >After we invade and take you over, we'll have to teach you proper English.
> >"Bunny
> >boots" are called "mukluks." This *will* be on the test.
> Actually, on a more serious note, correct me if my understanding is off. *
> Bunny Boots refer to a particular arctic boot manufactured for the US
> military, being white, and rated to -40o F   They have an air valve, should
> one ever have the need to equalize pressure (as in an unpressurized
> aircraft) in the insulation.**  I don't remember the exact US Military
> designation, probably Gary knows it, they are likely quite plentiful there
> in Alabama.
> Mukluks are an arctic footwear developed by the esquimo/innuit that are
> made of seal? skin with the fur on the inside.
> Till, who really would like to know
> *  which it often is
> ** I always hate it when my boots explode
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