John can speak for himself, but since we agree quite closely on this issue, let
me give my, unsolicited, answer, fwiw. Where would I draw the line in the sand? I
wouldn't venture into the desert in the first place. I don't like snakes and

"It is into this kaleidoscope from hell that American forces rushed, too innocent
to know the mistakes they were making. From a military point of view, the war was
over in a trice; Americans are now home (more or less), the al-Sabahs are back in
their palace, and the West thinks that's the end of it. However, this war is far
from over, from the point of view of residents of the Middle East. Nothing is as
it appears in the Middle East: when Egypt's Gammel Abdul Nasser was dealt what we
thought was a humiliating defeat in the Six Days' War in June 1967, he was
actually hailed as a hero in the Arab World. We don't understand why this should
be so, but until we figure it out, we will continue  making the same mistakes
over and over. Unless we really enjoy cuddling up to snakes, we had best leave
the countries of the region to sort out their own affairs.

"As Latter-day Saints, we need to continue to support individual members of the
armed forces (of all the countries where we live) and their families. However, we
should also make our voices heard loudly and clearly: war is madness, and we
repudiate Babylon. "

[Marc A. Schindler, "Is There Such a Thing as a ‘Moral War’?", Dialogue: a
Journal of Mormon Thought, Winter 1991: 160];

Jon Spencer wrote:

> John, I hesitate to get into this, but your rhetoric lately mystifies me.
> What exactly do you mean by "pick a fight?"  OK, you believe that President
> Bush is lying and that he is out of control.  Fine.  You believe that no one
> is out to get us (remember, even paranoids have enemies).  Fine.  You don't
> believe that Saddam is helping terrorists. Fine.  You don't believe that
> even though Saddam used crop dusters to spread biological WOMM and the Al
> Quaeda geeks here in the US were interested in crop dusters, that Saddam
> would supply biological agents for these terrorists to use.  Fine.  OK, so
> you believe that we must never do anything to protect liberty anywhere.
> Fine.
> Everyone has a right to be wrong.  But what, exactly, do you believe our
> responsibilities to be, knowing that from whom much is given, much is
> expected?  Where is your line in the sand?
> Jon
> John W. Redelfs wrote:
> > Why would the USA lower its tariffs, allow most of its heavy industry to
> relocate overseas, and become dependent on the rest of the world for almost
> everything, and then get into a war?  How would war with China affect
> Wal-Mart?  How would Wal-Mart going belly up affect our national economy?
> I'm just curious why 1) we would make ourselves dependent on the rest of the
> world for almost everything except computer software, and then 2) pick a
> fight?
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Marc A. Schindler
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada -- Gateway to the Boreal Parkland

"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and
falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark."
--Michelangelo Buonarroti

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