> After we invade and take you over, we'll have to teach you proper
> English. "Bunny boots" are called "mukluks." This *will* be on the
> test.

No, the ones with the stuffed imitation bunny head on the _outside_, not
the ones with the bunny fur (fake or not) on the inside.

> "Elmer L. Fairbank" wrote:
> > At 13:21 10/2/2002 -0600, M Marc wrote:
> > >And somebody better check the temperature in hell, because you know
> > >what? I agree with every word John's written here (although I would
> > >interpret some of the references a bit differently). And I'm
> > >supposed to be the token liberal on the list. :-)
> >
> > I'd best be getting my bunny boots out ....


Buttered bread always lands butter side * Would YOU mistake these as
down (Unless it sticks to the ceiling!) * anyone`s opinions but my own?
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