With the Arab/Islam idealeology, which I've tried to study closely since
before Reagan sent our Marines into Lebanon, I've learned that the only
thing they understand is supreme, ruthless force. Anything less is turned
into a martyr's paradise. Iran doesn't invade Iraq, because they know
Hussein will happily use bio-chem warfare; or Syria's occupation of
Lebanon. They only understand a Mongol-like invasion, which totally
devastates them.  America couldn't do it, because we just aren't ruthless
enough. Yes, we can push them back for a time, but their anger only
Why did we have the Afghanis fight their own war with us doing back up?
Because they could do things in that war we couldn't. 
Isn't interesting how the Nephites never could quite get rid of the
Lamanites. At most, they could get them scared to invade (for a time).

K'aya K'ama,
Gerald/gary  Smith    gszion1 @juno.com    http://www
"No one is as hopelessly enslaved as the person who thinks he's free."  -
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Nothing is as
it appears in the Middle East: when Egypt's Gammel Abdul Nasser was dealt
what we
thought was a humiliating defeat in the Six Days' War in June 1967, he
actually hailed as a hero in the Arab World. We don't understand why this
be so, but until we figure it out, we will continue  making the same
over and over. Unless we really enjoy cuddling up to snakes, we had best
the countries of the region to sort out their own affairs.

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