Vic wrote:
Hindsight being what it is; if the circumstances of September 11th were 
known on September 9th and actions were taken against Afganistan and the 
terrorists on September 10th; I suspect alot of you would be yelling that 
this was a war of aggression and not self-defense.

Further, I suspect as President Bush said a few days ago, it will take a 
mushroom cloud over some U.S. city to take action against Sadam.

I guess an actual attack on the U.S. changes doves into hawks; or does it. 
Once a dove always a dove.

I am not a dove.  I am an ex-Marine who was wrong about Vietnam, and I 
don't want to make the same mistake twice.  If we are dead certain that 
Hussein was behind the attack on 9-11 then let us go to war.  If we are 
dead certain that he intends to use weapons of mass destruction on us in a 
preemptive first strike even if we don't attack him, then let's give him 
all the fight we are capable of.


If we are not perfectly certain that he was behind the attack on 9-11, or 
if we are not perfectly certain that he is going to use weapons of mass 
destruction to attack us, then the moral position is to wait until he 
strikes first.  I am not a dove.  I am a hawk.  I am an ex-Marine.  But I 
don't believe in going to war unless we have been sufficiently provoked, 
and I believe that it would be better for us to see a mushroom cloud over 
an American city than for us to support a war of aggression against Hussein.

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the Church, will be cast out, and will find their place among
those who are unworthy, where there shall be wailing and
gnashing of teeth." (Joseph Fielding Smith Jr., Doctrines
of Salvation, Vol.3, p.16)
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