At 05:59 PM 10/13/2002, you wrote:
>At 05:45 PM 10/13/2002, you wrote:
>> > I cannot agree with this. I see no reason to suspect Bush as a mass
>> > murderer. And if this is so; why must I suppose that hundreds of
>> > thousands of conservative Latter-day Saints voted for him after careful
>> > prayer and consideration as directed by the First Presidency. I'm sorry
>> > John, but it doesn't add up in my book. If so, the Holy Ghost must be
>> > giving bad advice to the people of our church. All is lost...
>> >
>> >>This is "spiritual extortion." To assume that *your* political decision
>>has the
>> >>backing of the HG implies that Democrats like President Faust,
>>President Larsen
>> >>et al, don't have the backing of the HG. I'm sure that's not what you
>>meant to
>> >>write.
>>I didn't say anything about the Democrats or anything about those who
>>voted for them. I simply implied that I smell something rotten in Denmark
>>if hundreds of thousands of LDS people pray for the Spirit's help in
>>electing a mass murderer for President. I don't buy it. I am convinced
>>that President Bush is a descent man. And with that, I wonder how many
>>times the Holy Ghost has born solid witness to faithful LDS voters that
>>George Bush is a descent man...
>>Paul O
>I believe that GWB is a descent man--descended, like we all are, from Adam 

But then again, I used to have a neighbor that had a de-scented 
skunk--maybe GWB has been de-scented. <grin> I doubt that however, as 
something about GWB stinks to high heaven.

Steven Montgomery

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