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>"Elmer L. Fairbank" wrote:
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> >
> > >But the last time we tried to invade what is now Canada we got waxed. 
> --JWR
> >
> > Yeah, by about 500 French militia-men**.  I believe it was at Chateaugay,
> > in November of 1812.
> >
> > Till
> >
> > ** all wearing touqes, too.  I saw it in the way-kewl movie at the museum
> > there  8>))
> >
>They whupped yer butts by hurling curling rocks at you. You forgot to bring
>brooms to defend yourselves....

Oh, no, they were carrying muskets in the film!  I saw them with my own two 
eyes (beady though they may be)

Actually, it's quite a nice little museum.  I was impressed.  And the 
reenactment film was very well done.  It was really not a very large 
invasion force, 700-800 perhaps, caught completely by surprise, untrained, 
undisciplined and inexperienced, (and cold, they only issued one stinking 
blanket per, and it's cold up there in November, trust me) met by 
determined farmers who weren't about to have their farms overrun.  (and 
wearing toques besides, thus having their ears warm enough to think) (and I 
suppose with their bellies full, having just come from home)

If anyone is interested,  there is a marvelous narrative of the invasion 
attempt that preceded this one, in the Fall of 1775 at  My 
g-g-g-grandfather, Luther Fairbank** shared many of these same 
experiences.  It's long, but it sure gives a picture of what life was like 
in that era.


**It's history, Marc, don't hold a grudge forever

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