I've been reading (part of my normal reading thru the BoM, by chance, not
by choice) the wars in Alma. I noted something this time that I hadn't
noted before, probably because I was looking closer, given the
discussions the past few weeks. Capt Moroni used aggressive tactics to
ensure safety for his people. He was "pre-emptive" by clearing out the
wildernesses of Lamanites, and building new cities in those areas to help
keep the Lamanites out. These were areas unused by Nephites, perhaps a
"no-man's land", but still occupied by the Lamanites. Without any threat
from those idle Lamanites in the wilderness, he chased them out and built
cities. Kind of reminds me of the Israelites in the West Bank...
Anyway, Moroni saw the need to do pre-emptive actions to ensure the
safety of his peoples against a known tyrant- Amalickiah. Amalickiah and
his brother Ammoron were not Lamanites. They were Nephites, but took upon
themselves the cause of the Lamanites in order to justify their attempts
to take over the Nephite lands. This sounds similar to Saddam Hussein,
who is not religious per se, but is co-opting Islam in order to become
the next Saladin-emperor of an Arab/Islam empire. And, Marc, he DOES use
religion for his purposes. Why else would a Baathist be paying $25K to
the families of Islamic suicide bombers in Palestine? He shouldn't have
any interest whatsoever in that conflict, nor anything against Israel,
per se. However, he uses his funds to stir up conflict in Palestine, in
order to get the Islam nations to rally around his actions and see him as
the good guy.

Although we don't have neighboring wilderness areas with Iraq, we live in
a world where everyone can quickly get into each other's backyards and do
some damage. Do we not have the same right as did Capt Moroni to be

I suppose it depends on our attitude. Are we doing it because we don't
like Saddam and enjoy crushing other world-power-wannabees?  Or is it
because we cherish freedom and democracy and see him as a clear and
present danger to that freedom?

How about Teancum? Was he righteous in his actions? Or will he burn in
hell forever for assasinating Amalickiah and Ammoron? Just where does one
draw the line between righteous action and unrighteous action? Clearly it
isn't just in what one does, but why one does it.

WWMD?  What Would Moroni Do? He hated bloodshed, but wasn't shy about
using force when necessary.

K'aya K'ama,
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