After careful consideration, Paul Osborne wrote:
>Yes, the Lord gave this to his ancient covenant people and we as saints
>should apply this principle although we really haven't been instructed on
>how to do it. But, I fail to see how this teaching in Mormon scripture is
>binding upon the government of the United States as it works in concert
>with the United Nations.

Well obviously it is not binding upon the government of the United States, 
and certainly not the United Nations.  But it should be.  This world is a 
telestial world because of the great power that Satan has over the minds of 
the people.  And our governments are telestial governments.  They may be 
instituted by God, but he holds them responsible for the way they 
govern.  And it would please the Lord if they governed by the eternal 
principles that he has given mankind through his prophets.  We later day 
saints are supposed to be a voice for following correct, God-given 
principles in the running of our government, in its domestic policy, and in 
its foreign policy.  Heaven knows there are plenty of people to take the 
other side.  But we are supposed to be a voice for peace, not a voice for 
war.  If we attack Iraq and Bush needs me, I will fight.  My 19 year old 
son will fight.  We believe in keeping the laws of the land.  But insofar 
as I have power to do it, I will be a voice against war and for peace.  The 
benefits of war almost never outweigh the hideous costs.

John W. Redelfs                       [EMAIL PROTECTED]
"It may be, for instance, that nothing except the power of
faith and the authority of the priesthood can save
individuals and congregations from the atomic holocausts
that surely shall be."  --Bruce R. McConkie
All my opinions are tentative pending further data. --JWR

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