>Yes, that is exactly right.  I think you (plural) are stupid enough to
>fooled.  That is exactly what I think.  That is also what President
>thought.  He wasted his life in trying to mobilize the priesthood to 
>overthrow the Gadianton Robbers in our government, and the members of
>Church just dismissed him as an old fool who had funny right-wing
>about conspiracy.

Well, you know me--I'm NOT into conspiracy theories at all. Wasn't it so
that Elder Benson was all alone in his campaign or which of the other
apostles stood by his side and declared the same message? You know what I
mean--two or three witnesses. Was his campaign overseen by the First
Presidency including the one he belonged to? I don't believe it was. When
Elder Bensen became church President he did what other presidents
do--shake hands with heads of state (Gadianton robbers?) and carried on
with the business of the church.

You said that "the members of the church just dismissed him as an old
fool"--Is this church with all those members still just as foolish? Elder
Bensen's conspiracy campaign failed and no one else pick it up. The First
Presidency never endorsed it and let it died. President Hinkley has not
said word one. I'm sorry John, but in my book, it's over.

I remember President Bensen for his marvelous talks on priesthood home
teaching,  Book of Mormon, and other great subjects. The conspiracy issue
in my mind is forgotten and the Lord doesn't want to bring it up via his
new church leaders. Keep your eye on the prophet.

Paul O

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