My wife just received a letter from Church Distribution to our bookstore
outlining the changes in their scripture lines.  There are only two changes
to the contents of the scriptures:

1.  Doctrine and Covenants Section 139, the revelation on members being
required to purchase a white minivan (paid for with cash) has been added.
2.  Article of Faith 14, the one that starts "We believe in meetings," has
been added.

Other than that, no changes to the contents have been made.

The new scriptures will most likely not be available until January 2003, but
in any event will not be made available until all existing stock of the old
lines have been sold out of the warehouse.  The letter states: "These
changes are designed to simplify the scripture lines in accordance with the
desires of Church leadership."  If you are bothered by any of these changes,
ask the Spirit what the preceding sentence means. :-)

The following is verbatim from the letter (other than a couple of typo

Changes (other than the two listed above :-):  [my comments included in
square brackets]
o  Blue and forest green will be added to the Bonded Leather scripture line.
o  Brown will be dropped from all lines.  [It was an ugly brown, so good
o  The Premium line will be dropped, including compact sets. [this was the
top o' the line, the ones in boxes]
o  Quads with snap closures will be dropped.
o  Compact size quads will be available in both genuine and bonded leather.
[These are the two new types that replace all old types.]
o  Page margins will be 1/4 inch wider.  This will give more margin in the
inside gutter of the book and more room on the outside margin of the thumb
index tabs.  Most scripture covers should continue to fit.
o  The genuine leather cover will have the grain pattern formerly used for
Premium scriptures.  This will make the genuine leather covers easier to
o  Genuine leather scriptures will be packaged in boxes, as are Premiums
currently.  The color of the boxes will change slightly so that new stock
can be easily recognized.
o  Bonded leather scriptures will be shrink-wrapped with an L-card, as the
Deluxe are now.
o  Scriptures will no longer carry a written guarantee; however defective
product will be accepted for return.  [We think this means if they get to
the store damaged, they will be replaced, but if you use them for football
during Mutual, it's your own problem.]
o  Bibles will have one marker ribbon;  Quads will have two marker ribbons.
o  Quads will have 34 index tabs;  Bibles will have 21 index tabs; and
Triples will have 13 index tabs.

[End of verbatim]

As far as we know, the Church will also continue to publish paperback
versions of the scriptures.

So now you know the Rest of the Story!


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